NGC 4725 -- Ring Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices
NGC 4725 – Tie Fighter
The Spiral Galaxy NGC 4725, at magnitude 9.2, has a Seyfert-2 nucleus that dominates the
view of the galaxy in a small to moderate-sized telescope.  The galaxy’s core can be seen
with my 2.4-inch f/15 refractor from my suburban backyard.  In larger telescopes from darker
sites this galaxy is noted for a spiral arm that forms a ring around the galaxy.  In my 6-inch
refractor, from my backyard, I cannot make out the ring.  At best I can visualize large knots
in the upper and lower sections of the galaxy where the ring occurs – but even these proved

I am not sure of the origin/reason for the common name of "Tie Fighter" for this galaxy. In
photographs and through larger scopes the galaxy shows a wide-bar along with its famous
knotted ring.  My guess is that some people see a Tie Fighter in this structure.