NGC 4754 & NGC 4762 -- Galaxies in Virgo
A Paper-Thin Galaxy
Less than 2-degrees west of the bright star Vindeminatrix (Epsilon Virginis) is the interesting
Lenticular Galaxy NGC 4762.  It has been claimed that it is the flattest galaxy known.  I am not
sure that is true since there are lots of galaxies out there, but it is the thinnest that I have ever
seen.  It is the perfect edge-on galaxy.  I was not sure I would be able to see it with the refractor
from my backyard since it is so thin, but surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I had feared.  
NGC 4762 is paired with NGC 4754 another Lenticular Galaxy of about the same brightness,
but it was the thin one that I was really after.  I had saved it for the last object for this observing
session and it did not disappoint.  The drawing circle is the eyepiece view at 84x.  I used 232x
to extract details within the two galaxies.  Both had condensed cores which showed well at high