NGC 5363 & NGC 5364 -- Galaxies in Virgo
The Best of the Night
Two galaxies, NGC 5363 and NGC 5364, were the highlight of the night.  Both were easy objects
in the 155mm refractor from my suburban house. NGC 5363 was not only reasonably bright but
very compact.  I find NGC 5363 easier to detect than many of the galaxies on the Messier list.  
Compared to the other Virgo galaxies that I had been observing tonight this Lenticular Galaxy was
a welcomed blessing – no eye strain was needed.  The Spiral Galaxy NGC 5364 was also not
difficult but was more spread out and distinctly dimmer in the eyepiece – almost comet-like.

Both galaxies took magnification well and additional details were added at 232x, while the overall
drawing was done at 84x so that the pair could be enjoyed with plenty of space around them.  At a
magnification of 232x, NGC 5363 showed a bright core and a star-like nucleus while the more
homogeneous and dimmer NGC 5364’s core was only slightly more distinct.  Together at 84x the
galaxy pair was a stunning sight.