NGC 5907 -- Spiral Galaxy in Draco
Splinter Galaxy
NGC 5907 is one of the most impressive edge-on spiral galaxies in the night sky.  It is a marvel
in my 18-inch Dobsonian under a dark sky but proved to be a real challenge during this drawing
made with a 110mm Refractor from the semi-dark sky at Alpha Ridge Park.

This galaxy goes by a couple common names all of which tries to capture its needle-like
appearance.  Take your pick – Splinter Galaxy, Knife-edge Galaxy or Cat Scratch Galaxy – they
all reflect on the visual presence of the galaxy in the eyepiece.

In the small refractor only the bright northeastern edge of the galaxy’s core could be seen at a
magnification of 59x (the power used for the drawing circle).  It took some additional effort at a
higher magnification of 171x to tease out the needle-like extensions on either side of the
brighter core. Therefore, the drawing represents the field of view at 58x, but the galaxy’s details
at 171x.