NGC 6284 -- Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus
I had finished drawing comet NEOWISE from Carrs Mill Park.  The bright head and extended
tail were now slowly being evaporated by the thick atmosphere near the horizon. With my
main target of the night fading away, the dark skies to my south refocused my attention.  I
decided to try and bag a couple drawings of a few of the Herschel 400 Globular Clusters that
dotted the constellations of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. This section of the sky is badly
compromised from my backyard from light pollution but far less so from the Park – so with
paper and pencil in hand I swung the telescope to the southern horizon.  The spherical ball of
light made up of tens-of-thousands of stars known as NGC 6284 had taken nearly 50,000
years to reach my eyepiece.  No additional justification was needed to make a drawing.