NGC 6426 -- Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus
NGC 6426 = Small Dim & Difficult
Not intending to, I choose the most difficult object for the night as my first target.  It was a
good night at the Park and since Globular Cluster, NGC 6426, was a Herschel 400 object,
I thought that the 110mm refractor would pick it up without difficulty.  But at low power it was
absent in the eyepiece.  Only by increasing the power was I able to see its faint glow.  Even
so, I do not think I was getting all of it.  It is listed as 4.2 arcminutes in size, but I was, at best,
only getting about 2 arcminutes, which meant that I was only catching the cluster’s core and
not seeing most of its halo.  For a Herschel 400 object it is one of the toughest, I think, to get
in a small telescope.