NGC 6445 -- Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius
Box Nebula
The Planetary Nebula NGC 6445 is aptly named the “Box Nebula”.  I found the top and
bottom of the box brighter than the elongated sides, but it still was very “box-like” in the
eyepiece.  I also found the nebula easier to see than I had expected based on its
published magnitude.  The whole nebula appeared knotted with the central area slightly
darker than the sides, but still lighter than the black sky outside of the nebula.  I could not
make out any color in the Planetary Nebula.  The central star was far below the range of
my little refractor (19th magnitude).

The Box Nebula was the big surprise of the evening.  NGC 6445 should be visited more
often than it is by amateur astronomers. This Planetary Nebula is located 2 degrees
southwest of the famous Open Cluster
M23.  So, the next time you are in the M21, M20,
M23 and M24 area of Sagittarius, sneak a peek at NGC 6445 – you will not be