NGC 6568 -- Open Cluster in Sagittarius
NGC 6568 -- A Hidden Open Cluster
Yes, it is there but can you see it?  NGC 6568 is a sparse cluster in a rich backdrop of Milky
Way stars.  That makes this open cluster (and others like it) difficult to tease out from the
surrounding star field.  Knowing exactly where to focus your search is necessary. NGC 6568
will not jump out at you in the eyepiece.  

In the small refractor only the brighter star-members of the cluster could be seen, leaving the
rest as a very subtle blur in the background.  It is interesting to me that this cluster appears
more obvious visually, in a small scope, than it does in photographs.  When photographed the
number of stars, in and around the cluster, increases to the point that the whole photo appears
like a uniform collection of dense stars.  Look up photos of NGC 6568 online and see if you
do not agree.