NGC 6624 -- Globular Cluster in Sagittarius
NGC 6624 -- An Old Globular Cluster
Globular Clusters are old, but NGC 6624 is really old, even for a Globular Cluster.  Some
earlier estimates went as old as 14 billion years old – which is older than the universe and
thus, obviously not possible.  More current estimates of over 13 billion years old still makes
its original stars some of the earliest stars known.

Under Maryland skies NGC 6624 is a bright globular, but near the southern horizon.  I had
to resort to a nearby park to get it out of the southern sky glow that exists in my backyard.   
In the 110mm refractor, it starts to resolve into individual stars that phased in-and-out of my
vision and provided an overall granular look to the cluster.  It was also apparent that there
are arms of stars that radiate out from the dense core of this globular.  This globular is well
worth the view even from such a northern location.