NGC 663 (Caldwell 10) -- Open Cluster in Cassiopea
Drawing Of Caldwell 10
Last night it was clear.  I began, at the telescope, around 7:00pm and ended
at Midnight.  A lopsided loop of 5 Open Clusters occurs within 4 square
degrees near Delta Cassiopeiae.  Observing and drawing the loop of Open
Clusters took me the full five hours, making one drawing for each of the five
clusters. The loop clusters has two big hitters, M103 and Cadwell 10 (NGC
663). Also in the loop are the much smaller  Trumpler 1, NGC 654 and NGC
659.  Each have their own charm and are well worth spending some time
with.  Caldwell 10 was the only one of the five clusters that looked its best at
low power.  The rest required some additional magnification to bring out
their beauty. NGC 654 and NGC 659 are also in this drawing but I will post
better drawings of them, as seen at higher power.