NGC 6633 -- Open Cluster in Ophiuchus
A Star-Storm of Lights
Resting near the border of the Serpent Bearer and the Snake’s Tail is the remarkable
Open Cluster, NGC 6633.  Under a dark sky this Open Cluster can be seen without optical
aid.  Last night, at a local park, through a pair of 7x42mm binoculars it jumped out from the
starry background.  

Located in a rich section of the Milky Way the whole area in and around the cluster is a
star-storm of lights.  In the 110mm refractor, at low-power and a wide-field-of-view, NGC
6633, is spectacular.  How did Messier miss this cluster?

Formally, the cluster is marked in Star Atlases as just the central part of my drawing.  But to
me it appeared as if the cluster had sprung a leak and stars were spilling out forming a
huge star-arc or star-hook capping the top of the cluster.  I found the cluster mesmerizing
and was the highlight of my evening at the Park.