NGC 6934 -- Globular Cluster in Delphinus
Globular Clusters in Delphinus
The small constellation of Delphinus (The Dolphin) contain two Globular Clusters, one behind
the tail (NGC 6934), and one in front of its nose (
NGC 7006).  Both are distant Globular
Clusters, and both are suspected of being remnants of dwarf galaxies that interacted with our
much larger Milky Way galaxy. Neither cluster can be resolved into stars by the 110mm
refractor, but both were easily found.  

To me these globulars appear almost as twins, although NGC 6934 is the brighter of the two
(it is closer to us).  Both clusters at higher power (171x) appear to have subtle glowing
extensions originating from a weak core.  These extensions may be star-streams that are
below the resolution of my telescope or have some other astronomic explanation or maybe
just my eyes playing tricks with me.