NGC 7082 -- Open Cluster in Cygnus
NGC 7082 -- The Hidden Cluster
I have mentioned before in my drawing-captions that Open Clusters that occur in
the thick of the Milky Way are often difficult to make out simply because there are
so many stars around them.  NGC 7082 is the perfect example.  

This large cluster is only about a degree southwest of the distinctive Open Cluster
M 39.  But it is well hidden amongst the countless stars in the Milky Way spiral
arm in which it resides.  Many of NGC 7082 one-hundred and eighty plus stars
are dim making the cluster even harder to find in small telescopes under suburban
skies.  Even in my 155mm refractor from the house, I struggle to see the cluster’s
dimmer stars.  However, since a hazy of dimmer Milky Way stars also are
present, I stain to see how it differs from other non-cluster clumps of stars in the

I have circled where in my drawing NGC 7082 resides, but I cannot honestly state
that I can separate it from the numerous Milky Way stars surrounding it.  Maybe
darker skies and a larger telescope would solve the problem.