NGC 7448 & NGC 7479 -- Spiral Galaxies in Pegasus
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Two Herschel 400 Galaxies near Markab
Markab (Alpha Pegasi) is the third brightest star (despite its Alpha Rank) in the constellation
of the Winged Horse.  Its Arabic translation is “the saddle of the horse”.  Two Herschel 400
Galaxies are an easy star hop from this star.  Both are a challenge from my suburban
backyard in the 155mm refractor.  

NGC 7448 is the dimmest of the two galaxies and no detail could be made out in the
modest refractor from my house.  This galaxy is far more noteworthy in larger telescopes
and has been designated as “Arp 13” due to its detached segments.

NGC 7479 (Caldwell 44) showed a strong core and with more difficulty, its barred arms
extending away from the core.  This galaxy has been assigned the “Superman Galaxy” in
the “interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas”, but I am unaware of the reason.