NGC 7510 & King 19 (Basel 2) -- Open Clusters in Cepheus
Drawing of NGC 7510 & King 19
Near the Cepheus/Cassiopeia border about two-degrees southwest of the bright Open Cluster
M52 lies two less visited open clusters, NGC 7510 & King 19.  The much younger NGC 7510
is condensed and elongated with a trail of stars streaming away from it.  It reminds some
observers of a mouse with a tail.  The older King 19 (Basel 2) is more challenging and is easily
missed if viewed at low magnification.  

Although both clusters fit easily in the same field-of-view in my small refractor at a magnification
of 45x, each deserves closer views to bring out their details.  The drawing is thus a composite
with the background star field provided at 45x while details of the two clusters were enhanced
using a magnification of 171x.