Omega Aurigae -- Double Star in Auriga
Blue & White Diamonds
Thin early morning clouds were now covering most of the sky.  It would soon be time to take
the telescope indoors and try and catch some sleep before dawn. Astoundingly, overhead the
celestial Charioteer was still free of clouds.  So, for my final view of the morning I pushed the
telescope towards the blue and white diamonds that make up the double star Omega Aurigae.  
What a fine way to end an observing session.  The view was crisp, and the star double held
steady in the eyepiece.  It took me 30 minutes to make the draft drawing.  During that time the
high clouds would occasionally push through the view at the eyepiece causing the twin stars to
dim and blur.  For these short periods of time the diamonds appeared to be struggling through
the clouds as if attempting to regain their former glory.  Soon the clouds would pass, and the
blue and white diamond points would once again rule the eyepiece. I ended the observing
period while Omega Aurigae was free of clouds and at their best.  It only seemed appropriate.