Sigma Orionis & Struve 761 -- Multiple Star Systems in Orion
Sigma Orionis & Struve 761
My favorite Double/Multiple Star System in Orion is Sigma Orionis.  I do not care what size,
or type, of telescope you use or how much power you throw at it.  In fact, I find the view
equally pleasing (but different) in my vintage 1960s, 2.4-inch, achromatic refractor as
compared to the view I get in my state-of-the-art 6.1-inch, AstroPhysics, apochromatic
refractor.  You just can’t help but love the arrangement of stars in Sigma Orionis and the
nearby Struve 761 regardless of what scope you use.

In the drawing, the large circle is the view from the 2.4-inch refractor and the smaller inserts
are close-ups using the 6.1-inch refractor. Both these Multiple Star Systems are complex.  
Struve 761 is actually a five-star system, while the total number of stars in the Sigma Orionis
System is still open for interpretation.

Sigma Orionis and Struve 761 are located less than a degree southwest of the eastern most
belt star in Orion (
Alnitak).  Easy to find and a complete joy to observe.