Struve 1149 -- Double Star in Canis Minor
A Dim but Pretty Double-Star in the Little Dog
Struve 1149 is a yellow & light-blue double star located about 3 degrees southeast of Procyon.
It has fairly been compared to a dimmer version of Eta Cassiopeiae.

This is the first drawing made with my recently acquired 3.5-inch (89mm) Questar (a very
portable, high-end, Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptic telescope).  This small attractive
telescope has a great reputation and a devoted following among amateur astronomers.
This telescope is very different than my other refractor/dobsonian scopes, and I am learning
that it is an acquired taste.  I have been experimenting with it over the past few clear nights
and am slowly getting a feel for what it can and cannot do.  Very compact with superb optics
but with cramped controls and narrow fields-of-view.  I am still in a steep learning curve with
this telescope.