Struve 1245 -- Double Star in Cancer
Everything is shut down in the current COVID-19 virus outbreak.  A stay at home society for the
time being.  At least the sky over my house is still available.  I had planned on hunting down a
couple of galaxies near the Big Dipper this morning, but the skies were just too milky to go
galaxy-deep with the refractor.  I switched my targets to less demanding objects and focused
on the constellation of Cancer (The Crab).  A
carbon star (x Cancri) and triple star (Zeta
Cancri) were within easy star hops from the magnificent star cluster, Praesepe (M44).  The
other Cancer object, for this morning, was a double star (Struve 1245) that rests just above
the head of Hydra (The Female Water Snake).  I completed drawings of all three star-systems
while relaxing, in between times, but not drawing, the Open Clusters
M44 & M67.  
By the time I was finished my mind had been cleansed of thoughts about the pandemic and I
was ready for some needed sleep.