Struve 1627 -- Double Star in Virgo
Salvaging the Night
I had fully intended on hunting down and drawing a couple of galaxies this morning before
sunrise.  All the weather indicators pointed towards cloudless skies over my house.  But it
was not to be.  When I got up the sky was mostly clear, but by the time the telescope had
been setup and ready to use the sky had become covered in a milky-film from a thin cloud
covering, unfit for viewing deep sky objects.  I star hoped to the galaxy M61, but it was a
degraded mess in the eyepiece and not worth drawing.  I waited for the clouds to move on,
but after an hour or so, gave up and decided to head back to bed.

To salvage the morning’s observing session, I visited Struve 1627 before turning in.  This
bright and easy to find double star is about three-degrees south of the star Zaniah (Eta
Virginis).  Even under less than an ideal sky, the pair was a welcome sight.  Both stars
appear to be a light-yellow. I made a quick drawing (it does not take long to draw less than
a dozen stars) before dismantling the telescope. The galaxies will wait for another night.