Struve 2703 -- Multiple Star System or Asterism in Delphinus
Rotanev’s Triangle
The Dolphin (Delphinus) swims high in the night sky on crisp autumn nights.  Between two of its
brightest stars [Zeta Delphini and Beta Delphini (Rotanev)] is a pleasing triangle of close 8th
magnitude stars.  These three stars are designated as Struve 2703.  The existing literature on
Struve 2703 is confusing.  Many state that they are three gravitationally bound stars. Others claim
that they are an optical triplet meaning that the stars are far from each other but are located along
the same line-of-sight when viewed from Earth.

Either way Struve 2703 is a pretty triangular sight as it rests between the two bright stars of the
Dolphin. The three stars are well separated from one another and any sized telescope can see the
triangle. I refer it as Rotanev’s Triangle since I really do not know if it is a multiple star system or an