Struve 2793 -- Multiple Star System in Equuleus
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Wide Double Star in the Colt
Of all the constellations that can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, Equuleus (The Colt)
is the smallest.  Not only that, it has no bright stars. From my suburban home the constellation
often remains hidden without resorting to binoculars.  In the telescope, from my backyard, the
tiny constellation is an easy star hop from Enif (nose star in Pegasus).  However, few amateur
astronomers venture into the constellation since it lacks any bright deep-sky objects.

It does have a few double-stars that, I believe, are noteworthy.  The star system Struve 2793
has the widest separation of any of the Equuleus double-stars.  It can be split in any
sized-telescope or even large binoculars.  Struve 2793 is actually a three-star system but the
two brightest stars (A&B) are so close together that amateur telescopes cannot separate
them.  It is the third companion star in the system (C) that makes it an enjoyable double.  I
also found the surrounding star field visually pleasing.