Theta Virginis -- Multiple Star in Virgo
Living Under Four Suns
The Theta Virginis star system contains four stars, two of the stars are too close for me
to separate with my telescope but the other two are easily seen next to the unsplit primary
stars.  One of the stars (B component) is like our sun (just a little larger) and it is easy to
imagine what it would be like living on an Earth-like planet circling it.  Strangely in this
Solar System, our sun-like star is itself circling a distant close double-star (a subgiant star
and a dwarf star).  Our sun would complete a loop around the double-star every 7,800
years.  Also hanging in the sky is a fourth distant sun, that like our sun-like star, is also
circling the double-star.  This dwarf star is much further from the double-star than our
sun-like star.  It takes 230,000 years for this dwarf star to make a complete loop around
the double-star.  What a strange looking sky it would be to see four suns rise and set
each day.